Greetings from WLC’s Vacancy Pastor!

A new phase of Williamstown Lutheran Church’s history has begun with the transition to a new pastorate. I’m the “link” in that transition, the bridge between the old and the new. I’m Rev. Robert Fischer, a retired pastor living in Windham, Maine. I’ve served a number of vacant LCMS congregations previously, so I bring some experience which I pray will be helpful to the saints at Williamstown Lutheran Church. For some background: I grew up in Detroit, Michigan and my first career was as a Manufacturing Engineer for eleven years. I went to the Fort Wayne seminary in 1984, served my vicarage in northern Wisconsin, and graduated seminary in 1988. I’ve served congregations in Minnesota, Indiana, and Illinois; and done substitute and vacancy service following my retirement. Besides substitute church work I keep busy with kayaking, woodturning, general woodworking, home repairs and maintenance; and the New England exercise regimes of leaf raking, snowblowing and snow shoveling.

I’m married to Vary (like “Mary” with a “V”), a semi-retired Registered Nurse; and have two daughters—one daughter and son-in-law living in Maine (which is why my wife and I retired there); and one daughter, son-in-law, and nine-year-old granddaughter currently living in South Africa.

What will change at WLC during the vacancy? I think that more things will stay the same than will change. Word and Sacrament ministry will continue. The orders of worship will be similar to what they have been. Law and Gospel will be preached faithfully. Hospital calls will continue to be made (as much as possible, given COVID restrictions). Visits to shut-in’s and those desiring at-home Communion will be made for those desiring such visits. COVID precautions will be taken. Perhaps the biggest change is that I will be unable to lead Wednesday night Bible studies during the vacancy, but there will be Adult Bible Class on Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM.

If you haven’t been to WLC before, or have been away for a while, please come and visit. I’m looking forward to meeting you.

In Christ,

Pastor Fischer
Cell Phone: 207-370-0355